Hurry in for Curry - Lifestyle Real Estate by Gretchen Rosenberg and Libby Levinson

Hurry in for Curry

Hurry in for Curry

We went to India two years ago!! Double exclamation points because it was such a fantabulous trip. I was invited to teach a real estate class to the Indian property brokers in Mumbai, and while we were there we traveled throughout the country, and were fortunate to tour new construction high-rise condominiums ($2,000 per square foot on average – core and shell). We were treated like kings by our hosts and made lifetime friends. We arrived in India with a liking for Indian cuisine, but left with a craving for it.

If you’re in Denver, and not in India, you can still eat wonderful Indian cuisine at Royal India on 1550 South Colorado Boulevard. The restaurant isn’t over-the-top in Indian decor, and actually is a bit more like American strip-mall. Don’t let that put you off – the cuisine is authentic.

The very friendly owners catered a major birthday party for me a few years ago (ahem), and ever since then we frequent Royal India several times a month. My favorite dishes are Chicken Tikka Masala.  The Vegetarian Samosas are excellent, a bit heavy with the mashed potatoes, but terrific winter comfort food.

My husband likes the Chicken Madras, and last week we branched out with Paneer Vindaloo. Other noteworthy dishes are the Saag and the Dal Makhni.

Enjoy a cup of hot Chai after your meal and then plan on rolling home very full and happy.

If you are interested in other International cuisine in Denver, you should try L’Asie Fusion Bistro.