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Barolo Grill in Denver

Barolo Grill in Denver

We have the opportunity to eat out at least twice a month, sometimes more. Not that I’m a lousy cook, but I’m a lazy cook. One of our favorite Denver restaurants is Barolo Grill at 6th Avenue and St. Paul Street. What a spectacular meal!

Upgrade Your Italian, si?

The Barolo Grill is upscale Italian, from the northern areas of Italy. No spaghetti and red sauce here, go to Saucy Noodle in Bonnie Brae if you want that. At Barolo, you’ll enjoy a gourmet take on veal, duck, lamb and seafood as well as couple of excellent vegetarian choices. The risotto is divine and their wine list is superb. After a visit to Barolo a few years back, we became Rosso di Montalcino fans, and buy a bottle whenever we can.

Intimate with Italy

The owners of Barolo close their restaurant for a week every year and take the staff on a food and wine tour of Italy. Imagine being able to tour through the countryside eating and drinking the finest Italian fare and wine. At least in Denver we have the opportunity to live vicariously through the staff at Barolo. They know their stuff, and can discuss your choices at length.

This is a special restaurant so plan ahead and make a reservation. I’m available next Tuesday. To check out their web site go to

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