Who Else Wants to Ditch Cell Phone Purgatory?

Who Else Wants to Ditch Cell Phone Purgatory?

Who Else Wants to Ditch Cell Phone Purgatory?


Landfills. We love to fill them up with our old junk. Now we have landfills in our houses too. Are you guilty? How many old phones do you have in your desk drawer? If your drawer is like mine, you can’t fit anything new until you purge something old – and I’m not even getting into how I purge the shoe closet…

Could you use a new iPhone?

The recent New York Times article entitled “The Afterlife of Cellphones” by Jon Mooallem, tells you how to recycle your old phones. Between my husband and me, we have at least 3-4 old phones to send in, and now we have two teenagers who think they have to have all of the latest junk accessible to humankind. If you worry about landfills and drawerfills, then look into these terrific resources for getting those old phones and batteries out of your drawer and into the hands of people who really need them. Now you’ll have space for your new iPhone!

New life for old phones

Discarded phones may seem antiquated or out of fashion to our tastes, but in other parts of the world, they’re useful. Many people have no access to regular “land lines” because their country doesn’t have the infrastructure to support phone lines and wires. Cell phones are the only way these people can access a phone. Can’t you just see Obama’s cousins in Kenya carrying your old glitter phone?

Let’s do our part to help others

Here are three links to companies that can help you recycle – just in time for Christmas! (oh wait, what day is it?) www.collectivegood.com, www.greenphone.com, www.recellular.com.

Helping soldiers

If you’d like to help out our soldiers, a wonderful resource is www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com. Those guys are stuck in some hot desert wanting to call their mom on mother’s day. They need your help!

Gather up your bricks, your flips, your dark fruit ~ It’s time to empty out your drawers and avoid purgatory!