Denver Real Estate | Denver’s Architectural Styles

Denver Real Estate | Denver’s Architectural Styles

Denver Real Estate | Denver’s Architectural Styles

When you’re selling your home in Denver, you may want to have the correct label on the house for it’s architectural style.  I’ve seen homes that were clearly Victorian labeled Tudor, or Mid-Century Modern called International Style.  Denver Real Estate is replete with fabulous architectural styles, and remember, marketing is everything.  Your Bungalow may or may not be Arts and Crafts.

My home is a Tudor style, something my husband and I said we didn’t want when we were looking for a home.  We tended to gravitate to clean lines and a more modern, warm feel.  Our house was built in 1938, and many of the architectural details reminded me of the house I grew up in, built the same year.  While we thought a Tudor home would be dark and choppy, we discovered that the house was perfect for our family’s lifestyle.

Another lovely style that’s been adopted as a Denver original is the Foursquare.  Locals call this a “Denver Square” and these homes were primarily built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  They supplanted the more embellished Victorians found in many of our older neighborhoods.

Always a favorite of mine is the Modern Style home.  Among “Modern” you’ll find Prairie and Usonian styles, and in some neighborhoods (Bonnie Brae for example) there are fine examples of International style homes.  These tend to be devoid of decoration with clean lines and flat roofs.  As a child, our coffee table books were Art or Architecture books.  I clearly remember thumbing through my parent’s Bauhaus book and being enthralled with the artistry of the style.

Other typical Denver styles of architecture are Neoclassical and Georgian.  These are often confused.  The Georgians are very symmetrical and formal. They usually have a grand entryway or portico.  The keystones above the windows are another giveaway that you’re looking at a Georgian style home. The Neoclassical style shows off the very prominent columns and you can’t mistake the look that was intended to mimic a Greek Temple.

Finally, we must admire the workhorse of Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood – The Bungalow.  Bungalows in Denver are low slung and brick. They typically have lovely front porches with brick columns holding up the roof.  Many bungalows have beautiful Craftsman style mill work inside, and it’s always a pleasure to find the warm wooden trim unpainted or restored.

Central Denver is a unique mix of architectural styles, and while some have been adapted with a western flair, there are elements of historic styles in new and older neighborhoods.  Read today’s terrific article in the Rocky Mountain News if you’re interested in more information on Denver’s architecture.

Enjoy your search for a new home in Denver, Colorado!

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