What to Do in a Denver Monsoon

What to Do in a Denver Monsoon

What to Do in a Denver Monsoon

After the hottest June on record, we were ready for the thunderstorms that heralded early July in the Denver Metro area.

Still, like the unbearably hot temperatures of this year’s early summer, heavy rainfall is not without its own annoyances and safety precautions.  If you’re new to Denver and our torrential summer rain, here are a few things to remember during and after these Denver downpours:

– Drive carefully–or not at all.  Heavy rainfall can quickly overwhelm our storm drainage system, making for a longer, and sometimes dangerous or flooded commute. When driving…

  • Drive slowly and cautiously
  • Avoid water near downed power lines
  • Remember that 6 inches of water is enough to reach the bottom of most passenger cars (causing stalling or engine flooding), and 2 feet of rushing water is enough to sweep most cars away. (This seems like an exaggeration, but I’ve seen tow trucks get stuck in less.)

– Report downed power lines to Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-1999

– Help to prevent minor flooding in your own neighborhood by removing debris from in front of storm drains when it is dry and safe to do so. Denver Department of Public Works will typically focus on the big projects, so pitching in on a little bit of work near your own home may do you and your neighbors a real favor in the future!

– Avoid lightening.  Our electrical storms can come and go quickly in Denver, but they can be deadly if you’re not careful.  If you see lightening or hear thunder, it’s time to get the kiddos off the soccer field.

– A rainy day does not make for a boring day… and just because most of our Blockbuster Video stores have left the area doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy a day indoors! Hit up one of Denver’s indoor attractions like the new Colorado History museum, or visit redbox.com to pick up a movie near you for some traditional rainy day entertainment.

Life in Denver is always exciting, just like Denver weather!

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