>Car2Go Brings Car Sharing to Denver

Car2Go Brings Car Sharing to Denver

Car2Go Brings Car Sharing to Denver

This June, Denver joined the growing list of European and North American cities served by the innovative car sharing company, Car2Go. This service allows members to rent a vehicle for a short amount of time, and to use the car as their own. The Denver fleet of about 300 vehicles can be easily spotted throughout the city; the Car2Go cars are little, two-seat Smart cars in blue and white.

So how does car-sharing work? Some cities such as Austin, TX have had some time to adjust to the concept, but many Denverites are new to the idea. Members of car sharing companies have the convenience of using a car when they need it, without having to own a car (or multiple cars) of their own. Car2Go distributes cards to members that work like an activation key—holding the card over the windshield unlocks the car so your trip can begin! When the trip is over, the Car2Go car is parked in a designated parking area, which can be found all over Denver.

The introduction of Car2Go has created another transportation option for Denver residents, making travel around the city a bit easier. Pricing for the program is rather simple—members pay a $35 joining fee, and then rates by the minute ($0.38/min), hour, or day. These little cars are “spontaneity on wheels”, and will help Denverites save both the environment and money.

If you combined the Car2Go program with Denver’s B-cycle program (my previous B-cycle post) you can really get around this wonderful city.

To learn more or become a member of Car2Go, visit https://www.car2go.com/en/denver/what-is-car2go/.

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