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Denver Bike Night – An Epic Experience

Denver Bike Night – An Epic Experience


Wednesdays are officially Denver Bike Night!

This means many things to many people, but for a dedicated crowd, Wednesday nights in summer mean that it’s time to cruise.

The Denver Cruiser ride has evolved into what some call the “largest weekly Bike Party on the planet.” Whether or not this is true, the ride never fails to entertain. Many of the cruisers dress up each week for different themes such as ‘Suits and Swimsuits’ or ‘Under the Big Top’. Groups of bikers in costumes ranging from silly to downright outrageous meet at one of many ‘official’ meeting places—bars spaced throughout the immediate Denver area.

Some of the over 21’s take advantage of these starting points to loosen up before the ride, while others just come to enjoy the frivolity, the balmy summer weather, and the sense of community that the evening generates. Rides lead cruisers to a central ending point, where one will find food trucks, live music, and the ‘Circle of Death’ (something you truly just have to experience.) Occasional theme and site-specific surprises such as a swimming pool or beach volleyball meet the riders at the end.

Riders range in age from high schoolers to middle-aged adults—a cruiser can be anyone without mid-week responsibilities or a bed time, and who is up for being a little bit bizarre on a bike.

While the Denver Cruiser Ride never disappoints, Denver Bike Night encompasses a larger mission—it has been developed as a campaign to encourage people throughout the Denver community to get outside and ride their bikes, while stressing night-riding safety and biker responsibilities on the road. Denver Bike Night makes Wednesday night another step toward making Denver even more bike friendly.

The City of Denver has recognized the weekly event as they work toward making the city more accessible for bikers of all kinds. While the city works on the infrastructure that will make this happen, such as protected bike lanes downtown and well marked bike paths, Denver Bike Night is designed to bring out the people—summer weather in Colorado practically begs Denverites to be outside, and some might say that there is no better way to enjoy our city, its people, and the weather than on a bike. Only time will tell how this movement will grow and continue to shape the streets of Denver.

For more information about Denver Bike Night or the Denver Cruiser Rides, visit  The 2014 Denver Bike Nights end on September 24th, and then you’ll have to wait until 2015 to witness the crazy Denver bike culture.

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