Top 4 Reasons Why Relocating Home Buyers Love the Denver Lifestyle

Top 4 Reasons Why Relocating Home Buyers Love the Denver Lifestyle

Top 4 Reasons Why Relocating Home Buyers Love the Denver Lifestyle

There are a lot of ideas about what Denver is and what it is not. And there are a lot of posts about what it means to live here from the point of view of a native. Depending on the Denver lifestyle you are looking for, we probably have it here!

# 1 – Relocating to Denver: Active Denver Lifestyle

The Rocky Mountains make their way into almost every view when facing west. And they have a magnetic attraction that requests the onlooker to take a walk, hike, run, go biking, camping, skiing and more. Relocating to Denver is for people with an active lifestyle and, after a long hike, sit down to enjoy a nice microbrew from one of the numerous local taverns.

Each suburb and city surrounding Denver has its own feel and culture, but the overriding theme is a joy of the outdoors.

#2 – Relocating to Denver: People (and Dog) Friendly

Despite Denver’s reputation for beer and marijuana, there’s also the reputation that Denver is a friendly place to live. Festivals and community events happen year round. With abounding outdoor activities, children and dogs are welcome and seen everywhere.  The Denver attitude tends to be open and inclusive.

Downtown offers the Children’s Museum, which backs to the Denver Aquarium. Outlying areas boast reservoirs, community centers, parks and outdoor space.  We have regular cultural events, and never forget our numerous professional sports franchises.  Neighborhood communities and social clubs are prevalent and offer the ability to take an urban area and really “shrink” it down.

#3 – Relocating to Denver: Denver’s Weather

This has been an unusually rainy season, but in general Denver’s weather is gorgeous most days of the year.  We get loads of sunshine year ’round, and with no humidity, summer evenings are truly a joy.  Plan to spend a lot of time outdoors once you’ve settled in.

Denverites brag that we have over 300 days of sunshine a year. Understand however, the weather rarely follows the four seasons and it is not rare to have a 60 degree day during winter or snow in May. The joke in Denver is that if you don’t like the weather, just wait an hour and it will change. For this reason, a Denver lifestyle includes layering clothing, or at least have it in your vehicle… or backpack.

#4 – Relocating to Denver: Denver’s Housing Diversity

A lot has been written lately about Denver’s hot real estate market, and it’s true that home prices have risen significantly in the past 16 months.  However, we have so many fabulous neighborhoods for every price point and life style that relocating buyers are usually not wanting for choices.  You’ll find downtown lofts, Cherry Creek townhomes, vibrant city neighborhoods with single family homes and parks, and a variety of bedroom communities within a few minutes of what downtown has to offer.

There has never been a better time for relocating to Denver. If you’d like more information about housing statistics and the best neighborhoods for your Denver lifestyle, contact me!

Gretchen Rosenberg is Employing Broker at Kentwood Real Estate’s Cherry Creek Office.  Her web site is: Gretchen Rosenberg’s web site.