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The Denver Milk Market is OPEN!

The Denver Milk Market is OPEN!

The Recently Opened Denver Milk Market is a One-of-a-Kind Social and Culinary Oasis for Locals and Travelers Alike

Chef Frank Bonanno recently opened the Denver Milk Market in the ballpark neighborhood of Denver. The Dairy Block, a historic Denver landmark, has blossomed into a bustling social oasis for locals and travelers. Lined with hip office buildings, hotels, and retail, the Dairy Block has been transformed into a go-to spot for Denverites. Bonanno’s latest concept has added charm, community, and culinary perfection to Denver’s historic district.

I walked into the Milk Market for the first time and was immediately welcomed by the scent of unparalleled cuisine. The space is filled with dine-in and to-go restaurants of all varieties, perfect for workers on the go or travelers looking to settle down for a moment. You can find their full list of restaurants and bars here.

The Milk Market believes food is a blessing and a form of magic. This belief is palpable as you walk through the market. I found myself wondering if the lines of culinary expertise will cease, and hoping they would not.

Upon returning to the Milk Market for an evening get together, I found the bar at the entrance to embody an observable sense of community. Similarly, as I traveled to the Cellar, a one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience, I found the same sense of openness. The Milk Market is a place to socialize with friends and family, but is also a space to cultivate a sense of community and togetherness. In addition, The Cellar hosts wine tasting Tuesdays where attendees can partake in a unique, complimentary tasting experience.

The Denver Milk Market hosts various fun events throughout the month, and you can find their full schedule here.

The Milk Market’s Magic

In addition, take time to explore the alleyway behind the market. In the evening, allow yourself to be guided by the solar lights mimicking stars as the scent of mouthwatering food surrounds you.

The Denver Milk Market embodies their motto, “shop a little, drink a little, eat a little and celebrate a lot.” They are an all-local business that aims to attract locals, travelers, and anyone who desires a unique culinary experience with an opportunity to cultivate a sense of community. I am so excited about their inception, and would already call myself a frequent visitor!


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