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Health and Wellness: More Than Just Buzz Words in Denver!

Health and Wellness: More Than Just Buzz Words in Denver!

What Does it Mean to Practice Health and Wellness?

Denver Has Jumped on Board with Wellness and Healthy Living

Did you know Denver ranks 2nd behind New York City in density of wellness options? That is SUCH exciting news….right? But what exactly does that mean? I can tell you it’s very exciting to be among the front runners for wellness. We’ve historically been a very health state, but we’re taking things one steps further these days!

What is Wellness?

Wellness embodies health and self-care goals. Health and Wellness tend to go hand in hand because they have similar goals: helping you feel the best you possibly can (both mentally and physically). Wellness is becoming a way to use non-traditional methods to achieve these goals. Have you heard of CBD oil recently? If you’ve lived in Colorado for even 2 days, I’m sure you have! You can check the wellness box next to CBD. That leads me to my next point…..Colorado is a wellness leader right now.

Acupuncture and CBD oils have become popular ways to experiment with wellness. In the state of Colorado, we’re seeing a rise in these methods as opposed to traditional medical practices. Wellness combines the health of the body, mind, and soul…and Colorado offers a plethora of ways to work on finding balance between these three.

Colorado Love

We’re primed for healthy living in Colorado. We have gorgeous mountains to help us exercise, skiing every winter, and get our pups outside. We have over 5,000 acres of traditional parks and parkways that allow us lots of outside time even in a very urban place!

Denver’s the Lake House focuses on having ample space for yoga and meditation, juicing stations, and clean air. They are just one of many examples of businesses and developments that strive to keep you and the planet feeling top notch in Colorado. The Mariposa District in Lincoln Park also strives to ensure the community is breathing healthy air and is surrounded by safe amenities.

You’ve also probably seen many clean beauty brands popping up around the metro area. Aillea is one of many that focus on making sure the makeup we use and the skin care products we love aren’t doing damage to our health. Be sure to check them out in Larimer Square and Cherry Creek Mall!

Colorado vacation spots are becoming increasingly wellness centered too. Trip Advisor recommends a plethora of wellness retreats in the Rocky Mountain area that are meant to cleanse the body and mind. The Peaks Resort and Spa is one of my favorites (because nothing says wellness to me like a good spa day!).

Do you have questions about Colorado Health and Wellness, Denver Real Estate, or living the Denver lifestyle? Contact me! I look forward to hearing from you! 




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