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16th Street Mall Renovations Are Coming!

16th Street Mall Renovations Are Coming!

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Denver’s 16th Street Mall Renovation is in the Works

Photo via Denver.org

I’ve lived in Denver my whole life, and there’s nothing more memorable than spending time on 16th street mall over the years. I remember fondly walking with friends up and down the street, catching the mall ride, and stopping for lunch. When travelers come to Denver, it’s one of the first places they go.

Our 16th Street Mall is about to change….but don’t worry! It’s still going to have the same charm it always has. The renovation has been in the works for a while now, but plans are finally in progress! So what does this mean for our favorite home town spot?

The Details

So, much how is this going to cost? The project’s estimated cost is between 90-130 million. The beautiful granite that dazzles the

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roads is going to be fixed and updated, given that there has been previous issues and damage. The goal? Making public transportation easier and making the mall a more accessible place to hang out.

The goal of this renovation is to preserve the mall’s original glory. There is a hefty and interesting history associated with the mall, and the city wants to make sure the integrity of it is maintained.

Where do you think the number 1 destination for tourists is in Denver? RiNo? S. Broadway? Capitol Hill? Actually, it’s 16th Street Mall!

Recently, the historic tiles have been breaking, causing safety hazards for its travelers. Additionally, the tiles become very slippery when wet (and we get a lot of snow here!). This update will help ensure the safety of the people who use this 1.2 mile stretch.

photo via Michelin travel

So what other changes are being made?  The plazas in the center of the street will be removed, and the bus lanes will be brought together. This offers more space for food vendors and outdoor seating. Additionally, larger and expanded sidewalks are part of this plan. That means there’s more room for pedestrians and commuters, too!

Trees: when was the last time you saw a tree on 16th Street Mall? The answer is probably never, which is why tree planting is a major part of this renovation. The city wants to combine the gorgeous concrete tiles with more nature.

So when is this happening? Renovations are expected to start as soon as next year. Have question or comments? Check out the assessment here.  The city of Denver wants YOU to be involved!


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