Preparing For Photography

Preparing For Photography

Preparing for Photography

Studies have shown that buyers choose the homes they want to view based on the quality and quantity of pictures they see online. Following are some tips to help you prepare to have photos taken on your home. We provide a professional photo shoot for every home we list. Following is a check-list of items to address prior to your home being photographed.


Open window coverings to let in as much natural light in as possible

  • If the view out a window isn't pleasing, leave those coverings closed

Turn off ceiling fans

  • Moving fan blades look like a blur in photos

Ensure all light fixtures have the proper type of bulbs

  • Do not mix fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Replace any burnt out bulbs

Eliminate as much clutter as possible and tidy up

  • A good rule of thumb is to remove 50% of all clutter from each room

  • Remove anything from the floor that doesn't belong there

  • Remove toiletries and other personal items from bathroom counters

    • Close toilet lids

    • Remove/replace old or dirty towels

  • Make all beds neatly

  • Clear dressers of personal items

  • Computer work stations should be clear and free of dangling cables/wires

  • Straighten up and clear extra items from bookcases

Items that can be left out in the kitchen include:

  • Decorative canisters

  • A colorful bowl or platter

  • No more than one, or two, countertop appliance

Items to remove or hide from view in the kitchen include:

  • Dish towels

  • Water and food bowls for family pets

  • Trash cans

  • Clear refrigerator of everything like magnets, pictures, calendars, etc.


Clear exterior of the following

  • Vehicles

  • Trash cans/recycle bins

  • Hoses/sprinklers

  • Garden tools/toys (children and pets)

  • Signs for painters, politics, etc

  • Leaves in fall and snow in winter

  • Holiday decorations

Ensure exterior lights are in working order