Seller's Homework

Seller’s Homework

Seller's Homework

Prior to putting your home on the market, it’s a good idea to gather the below information to help make the sales process as smooth as possible. This information will be helpful to not only the buyers of your home.

Have you refinanced your home within the last 3-6 years? If yes, when?

What are the average amounts you pay for the following bills;

  • Gas/Electricity $___________

  • Sewer $___________

  • Water $___________

  • Trash $___________

Do you have a survey of your home? If you do,, please provide a copy to your agent.

Do you have any permits for your home? If you do, please provide copies to your agent.

Do you have any appliance manuals and/or service receipts? If you do, please compile them for Buyer prior to closing.

What improvements or upgrades have you made to your home, and when where they completed?

Gathering the below information will be helpful for the title company so that they can order your mortgage payoff once closing is complete.

Who is the lender for your mortgage?

What is your mortgage payoff amount?

What is your mortgage account number?