Denver Weather

The weather here is the greatest…you can play golf in January! Most people get their impressions of Denver’s weather from the football games on TV as it seems it always snows during Broncos games! In reality, our Mile High City enjoys over 300 days of sunshine per year and very low humidity, which makes for ideal living conditions.
Located in the central Rocky Mountain region, Denver enjoys a mild, semi-arid climate all year long. Mother Nature will provide you with 12-14 inches of summertime precipitation; it takes about 30-32 inches to maintain your lawn.
During the winter, Denver escapes the extremely cold mornings of the higher mountain elevations. It’s not unusual to see tennis players and joggers outside taking advantage of our mild winter weather, while skiers enjoy Colorado’s abundant powder snow just to the west. When the sun comes out at this altitude, it doesn’t take long for the ice and snow to melt away in the city. A couple of days after a big storm, driving conditions are typically back to normal…no full-season snow and ice-packed streets to deal with in Denver…we like to keep the snow in the mountains for the world famous ski environment Colorado is known for!
During the summer, our altitude reduces the heat and high temperatures experienced at lower elevations around the country. When hot or cold weather does sneak in, it’s usually of short duration.
Denver’s weather changes often and quickly…if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!
From beautiful sunsets to fascinating storms, you will find Denver weather to be exciting and accommodating to the outdoor activities you crave.