Crestmoor - Denver Lifestyle and Real Estate by Libby Levinson


Crestmoor is bordered by 6th Avenue to the North, Alameda/1st Avenue to the South, Monaco Parkway to the East, and Holly Street to the West.


The Crestmoor neighborhood is characterized predominantly by single-family homes. Perfectly manicured lawns, an abundance of healthy trees, and historic homes adorn this area, located adjacent to Mayfair and Hilltop. The heart of this tranquil neighborhood is Crestmoor Park. Softball fields, tennis courts, and ample grassy areas invite residents to enjoy the magic of Crestmoor all year long.

Crestmoor’s aesthetic consists of neo-classic, colonial, and Tudor mansions; traditional ranch style homes and split-level residences adorn the tree lined streets. The Crestmoor Community Association is located just across the street from the park, and offers all summer fun for members and their families. Summer barbecues, tennis, and swimming are just a few things they offer.

Amongst the winding Crestmoor streets you will find easy access to the Hilltop and Cherry Creek neighborhoods. Quaint, tranquil restaurants line Holly street, bordering the exquisite Crestmoor neighborhood. Enjoy a Sunday afternoon picnic in this elegant neighborhood, or venture outside it’s borders to explore Cherry Creek’s fine restaurants and retail.

Crestmoor is a wonderful place to seek tranquility and fun for your family surrounded by a variety of historic homes and antiquity.