Cory Merrill

Cory Merrill  is bordered by Mississippi Avenue to the North, I-25 to the South, 
Colorado Boulevard to the East, and University Boulevard to the West.

What's To Love About Cory Merrill | Denver, CO

The Cory Merrill neighborhood is one of Denver's most desirable. This quiet neighborhood, located just a few blocks from Washington Park, is rapidly changing. Cory Merrill is Denver's leading neighborhood for pop tops due to its abundance of oversized lots.

Cory Merrill is lined with an abundance of trees and beautiful yards. Large new-construction homes are popping up around the neighborhood, as well as historic homes that have occupied Cory Merrill since its inception, providing all budget and square footage needs.

Corry Merrill's close proximity to the Bonnie Brae and Washington Park neighborhoods make it one of Denver's most desirable. Easy access to Denver's infamous 160 acre park and neighborhood restaurants have increased its popularity.

The Cory-Merrill elementary and middle school are some of Denver's best public schools, making this neighborhood particularly sought after for families.

The Cory Merrill neighborhood is perfect for small and large families seeking close proximity to great restaurants, schools, and parks. The neighborhood is a friendly, serene place to live with countless opportunities for expansion.

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