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September 22, 2008

3 Open House Requirements

It’s time to hold an open house and your real estate broker has scheduled the date and time. You may not realize that there are a […]
September 10, 2008

Denver Real Estate Stats – August ‘08

It’s that time again! Time for Denver Real Estate Statistics, and I’ve got a great deal of information this month. The chart is provided by MetroList, […]
September 5, 2008

Lowry Glory Days is this Weekend!

Lowry is where can you combine the  Denver lifestyle in a new-classic neighborhood along with some good old-fashioned family fun?  At this weekend’s Lowry Glory Days […]
September 3, 2008

Turn a Small Remodeling Budget into Big Results

You may have heard your real estate broker remark on a home’s improvements or updates. The typical real estate wisdom suggests that a home should be […]
August 29, 2008

Eight Home Closing Essentials

Eight Home Closing Essentials – Real estate purchases can entail hours searching online for possible homes, days in the car with your real estate broker looking […]
August 24, 2008

Denver’s Top 10 Secrets – Gretchen Rosenberg’s too

We’re going to let you in on Denver’s top 10 secrets! Secret 1. We’re proud to host the Democratic National Convention here this week. The city […]
August 19, 2008

Denver Real Estate Stats – July ‘08

I obtain the market statistics from Metrolist, Denver’s MLS system. They publish monthly statistics based on their data of properties that are entered into the Denver […]
August 17, 2008

Colorado Spa Treatment You Can’t Miss!

One of my smartest friends, Donna, proved to be even smarter than I thought when she recommended we take an entire day to go to Tall […]
August 10, 2008

Denver Historic Walking Tours

Denver, the host of this year’s Democratic National Convention, is gearing up and gussying up. We’re happy to have so many visitors to our city. I […]
August 4, 2008

Riding Out the Storm of Real Estate

Riding Out the Storm of Real Estate . Is real estate struggling? Is there a storm? Are we riding it, or riding it out? Realtors I […]